Golden and Rare as Pink Diamonds

Alright folks, it’s time to talk about my friends. I sometimes talk about the people in my life in a broad sense - partly to avoid violating anyone’s privacy and partly because, frankly, in the years that I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve spent a lot of time alone.

Most of that has been due to living with chronic illness, but I recently came across an old piece of homework where a 7 year old me scrawled that my friends were golden and as rare as pink diamonds. So I suppose nothing’s changed in the past 16 years, besides the fact that I’m not nearly as poetic as I used to be.

This week, however, I need to talk about my friends. Because this week has been on the harder side, but every single moment I started to feel overwhelmed, someone stepped in, and turned it around.

Over the past week I received two packages in the mail, from two different individuals who both fall perfectly into my grade one description of being both golden and as rare (and as special, valuable, beautiful and strong) as pink diamonds. They didn’t know I was having a rough week. They put these lovely, thoughtful, perfect gifts and letters in the mail before the week even began. But just when I needed them most, I opened my mailbox and there they were, completely brightening up my day.

So many other gifts came from friends this week in a variety of forms - a compliment when I was feeling inadequate, a reassurance and new perspective when I was feeling trapped, a ticket bought on my behalf when I was rushed, a text saying hi when a migraine was beginning to overtake me, wonderful visits full of patience when I started to ramble in circles, and genuine belief in, and offers to help with, projects that were beginning to feel out of my control.

And while it would paint me as a wonderful, mature human being to say that I received this kindness and support because I was enough of an adult to admit that I was having a bit of a hard time, the reality is that I said nothing. I didn’t communicate effectively, and as a result, had absolutely no expectation of anyone stepping in.

But time and time again over the past week, my friends have unknowingly saved me. So I want to take this space to acknowledge how absolutely golden they are, and to thank them for being the pink diamonds in my life.